RC Drill Rods & Accessories

Metzke™ manufacture most common RC threads, with the Metzke™ thread being one of the most widely adopted threads in the global market. Metzke™ manufactured drill rods are of the highest quality and are the result of our quality assurance programmes and years of expertise. Regardless of the thread type, you can be assured of a consistently reliable product.  

All RC rods and accessories are available in R30, R35, M40, R40, M45, R45 and RRE45 threads.

Metzke™ RC Drill Rods

Metzke™ RC Drill Rods

  • Heavy Duty seamless mid body
  • Wear Resistant API 5CT inner tube
  • Tool Joints 41/40 Hardened & Tempered
  • Anti-Galling Coating

All Tool Joints receive an anti-galling treatment and are press fitted then welded to the body for accurate alignment and strength. The anti-galling treatment also encourages lubricants to adhere to the surface of the thread.

Metzke™ RC Drill String Accessories

ADAPTOR SUBS – Adapt from the Spindle / Shaft to the drill string

SAVER SUB – To reduce the wear on key components such as the spindle / shaft or drill rods

RATED LIFTING SUB – Engineered rating for lifting / pulling rods

BLANK OFF PLUG – To prevent air loss up the inner tube when drilling conventional

DIGOUT SUB – To reduce wear on hammer components, assist with hole deviation and hole stability

BLOW DOWN SUB – To re-direct air down inner tube for tube blockages

BLOW UP SUB – To re-direct air up inner tube for tube blockages

BLANK OFF CAP – To test for blockages upstream of the rotation head

PRESSURE TEST SUB – To pressure test the drill string and inner tubes.

CONVENTIONAL SUBS – Adapt to Conventional Hammers / drill rods for production drilling